Annotated Bibliography #1

It begins…

I will likely just run down my research log document in the order in which I found the articles. This means a lot of them will probably not be hugely useful to my thesis as a great deal of time was spent just trying to figure out what I actually needed and what was related to my work I am doing. Over the coming weeks we should see me start to hone in on specific terms and ideas that lead to more and more strings of fruitful inquiry.

I don’t know if I’ll be posting these daily, or save up a few, or who knows what else. I know that I will be reading and annotating an article a day, 5 days a week, however. So expect to see a lot of these posts. Maybe they’ll prove useful to someone else?

Anyway, the podcast will be up this week. I also have a ko-fi account, so if you want to fuel my writing with coffee please consider buying me a cup.

One more note: Please ignore the lack of hanging indents on the MLA 8 citations on these posts as hanging indents seem to be a pain to do in WordPress.

Anyway, on with the show…

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What scares you most?

Before I do a dive into research next week, I would like to know… what scares you most?

I mostly mean what media has scared you the most? What is the most frightening film you’ve seen recently? What books have you read that have made you sleep fitfully in the weeks after reading them? What videogames have you played that have made you throw your controller in shock and fear?

What media has scared you? I am looking for some research material. What sort of scary experiences have you encountered that have sunsettled you?

Week Zero: Update #1

I told myself I was going to get started on my research next week. I made a huge deal about taking some time for myself this week. It turns out I am incapable of getting started later when I can get started now. As I stare at my research log on my Google Drive folder labelled “thesis,” I notice that I am seventy four items deep. I had intended to do my research next week from the comfort of my home, but I found that a couple slow days at work have given me an opportunity to trudge through some databases and Google searches to start putting  some potential readings together for the coming weeks.

Lo and behold, I now have seventy-plus things that I can start working on next week. That gives me a pretty good head start, and I found several commonalities between sources as I moved from article to article. I’ll talk a little bit more about these things at another time as they are quite deserving of their own discussions.

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