Week Zero

Welcome to Week Zero of The Weekly Thesis. If you’ve already perused the about page, you should have a good overview of the intent of this blog. If you refuse to read the about page, well, in the simplest terms I can muster, I describe this blog as such:

The Weekly Thesis is a blog where I will share my experience writing my M.A. thesis for the Literature and Writing Studies program at CSUSM.

I will not necessarily be sharing the thesis itself, but I will be sharing what life is like, what I am researching, and how I plan on overcoming challenges as they pop up. The most important reason for this blog, however, is that is it a public record of accountability for myself as a grad student. I normally keep to a schedule regarding larger, academic writing projects. Yet, I find the idea of a public record of this process appealing for a couple of reasons:

  1. First of all, it shows that I am hard at work and keeping on task. Falling behind in any way will also fill me with an incredible amount of guilt; falling behind publicly doubly so.
  2. It may help a student who is considering grad school. They can see the workload and lifestyle, for example. They can also see what the process actually is, and hopefully my work would serve as a good model.
  3. People may very well chime in and share their thoughts or make suggestions that could be useful to me. This is entirely self-serving, but that’s fine, I have shit to write anyway.

So what the hell am I even writing about?

The Thesis

I am a special snowflake in the sense that I am writing a creative thesis rather than an argument-based thesis. The truth is that I could have easily gone the other route, but I wanted to have a little fun in grad school with a captive audience who would push me. As it stands now, in my academic career, I have busted my ass and performed amirably. I have trained to become an English teacher and will be teaching my first class in the Fall. I have forged and maintaned contacts in various colleges and have lined up some potential, solid job leads as well. I’ve paid my dues in academia and will continue to do so in the second and final years of my M.A. education.

So why not have fun?

I am equally comfortable writing stories as I am writing essays. I enjoy both. For my thesis, however, I want to do something that represents me in al my weirdness, and thank goodness for CSUSM and the professors there for their willingness to let me be me.

I won’t reveal much now, but I can confirm that I will be exploring the gamification of literature and dive into telling a story within one of my favorite genres ever, horror. In a future entry I will talk a little bit more about where my interests in these areas originated. Additionally, I plan on discussing the podcast component of this blog, but for now, however, we must move on.

Weekly Update

The following is a bulleted rundown of where I am in the thesis-writing process for the week. This should be a locked-in segment for most updates here. One would think Week Zero may not have much to offer, but you’d be surprised!

  • Monday evening there was a wonderful workshop about working on a thesis over the summer. It was nice to catch up with my cohort as well. I am hoping to introduce them in the coming weeks as we’re all in the process together. Perhaps I may even interview them.
  • I already have my committee put together. I’d like to talk about them later, but I’ll get their permission first. My chair just officially confirmed his acceptance today, so that’s a big deal for me.
  • Regarding that, my situation regarding my chair is a little strange. I’ll get into that another time, however.
  • I’m digging around for some “inspirational media” outside of what already inspired the thesis, so I am eager for any suggestions regarding tales of cosmic horror, haunted houses, and programming in Twine or similar game engines. Please drop me a line in the comments if you have anything.
  • Later this week I will post some of the inspirations for my thesis.

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