Annotated Bibliography #2

Time for a new annotated bibliography and an example of what you discover when you throw something onto your reading log with the barest of glances.

Kim, Bohyun. “Game Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics.” Understanding Gamification, vol. 51, no. 2, Feb/Mar. 2015, pp. 17-19. Library Technology Reports,

The “Game Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics” chapter of a journal published by the American Library Association, in Library Technology Reports, explores scholarship on elements of game design, particularly applied to non-game contexts. One of the previous chapters of this journal carries several definition of gamification as well, so I need to explore the whole journal, I think, as it likely has a great deal of useful information. The chapter breaks down a variety of mechanics, but is also concerned with mechanics being categorized. Using the Gamification Wiki there is a suggestion of three types: behavioral, feedback, and progression. However, Seth Priebatsch, with “Welcome to the Decade of Games,” suggests appointment, progression, and communal discovery as categories of game mechanics. Another source discussed in the article, such as SCVNGR, a mobile gamification company, suggests a larger number of mechanics that are unique from those listed on the Gamification Wiki. The amount of scholarship regarding these elements of gamification is fascinating, but the chapter also notes that these lists of mechanics do not come from specific studies or research.

Regarding this source, I have two major thoughts. First of all, I will need to review this entire issue of Library Technology Reports as it features several chapters exploring gamification and the utilization of those mechanics. One chapter seems to deal with definition in particular, which could prove useful in my larger proposal or critical introduction regarding my thesis. It is likely that this citation will need to morph from covering the current chapter to covering the span of the issue. My second concern is specifically in how to cite this text. This seems to be a journal that has a new author and theme every issue. So while I believe I have it cited correctly, I am not entirely sure. I feel like I need to add the American Library Association to the citation somewhere, but maybe I do not? If anyone has suggestions I could use the assist.


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