Annotated Bibliography #8

Just the one today, but it makes for five total this week.

Hoel, Erik P. “Fiction in the Age of Screens.” The New Atlantis, no. 49, 2016, pp. 93–109. JSTOR,

Not a ton to mention on this one. This article is concerned with fears of obsolescence in literary production circles over the rise of film and television that is becoming more and more “literary.” In particular, the term “HBO Anxiety” is used, which I find quite enlightening. If I were writing a thesis about the rise of prestige and literary television then this would be a fantastic source. Once again, we have another situation of my casting a wide net in the initial gathering of sources. There is a discussion on video games within the text, but the survey of the art form is cursory at best focusing on Planescape: Torment. Even then, the discussion of Planescape: Torment revolves around word-count in comparison to David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Planescape: Torment is cited due to the fact the word-count is higher than Infinite Jest, which is considered to be one of the lengthiest works in literature. Essentially the argument boils down to the fact the amount of text in Planescape: Torment is due to the choose-your-own adventure style of writing that comes with game design, but the article fails to discuss shared literary quality between the two in any fulfilling way. While this source does not work for my thesis, I still found in to be an excellent read; one I would recommend to anyone with interest in the crossover of literature into film and television.


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