Burnout is real

Having stared at my annotation document and the entire book I need to annotate, I have determined the burnout is a real thing to worry about. Most of these annotations have been essays in collections, or individual database articles, however right now I am staring at an entire ebook full of useful information; information I need to break down and annotate.

Only I just don’t feel like it. I’m tired. I feel myself wanting to sleep. I can’t seem to distract myself with my actual job as a tutor either, as tutoring slows down during the summer. Maybe it is coming down from the wonderful birthday evening I spent with my girlfriend who turned 28. Maybe it’s all the progress from my other creative projects that has me riding on a bubble of distracted excitement.

It feels like a low point right now because I want to do this research and I just can’t seem to get it going.

Burnout is real, folks. I am taking my time with this ebook today, we’ll see how it goes.


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