Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling Blog

This link is sort of crossing into my annotated bibliography in the sense that it has valuable resources I intend to use. I’m not necessarily classifying it under that category strictly for my own, organizational purposes.

This great blog features a lot of useful information for writing and studying IF. A great deal of information about the author can be found on the contact and FAQ page. For this annotation I will focus on linking some resources provided by Short’s blog.

  • Short’s commercial portfolio is impressive and merits further exploration. In particular, I am intrigued by Blood & Laurels. Admittedly, partially due to a recent Roman Empire kick that I have been on. Regardless, it would be of use to see how one can make a living through creating IF.
  • Short’s solo portfolio is also worth exploring further, as these are projects where Short was the driving force of each IF project.
  • The most important section, for myself, is the IF Resources page. The menu features links to specific categories of resources including reading, writing, teaching, and the IF community. This list of articles about crafting IF seems particularly helpful.
  • Lastly, I can’t ignore the blog itself.

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