Guess who’s back?

It’s been over a week since I last posted anything because I decided to take a break and recharge the batteries. I am now sitting here with a sunburn and wrestling with some thoughts regarding my research.

At this point, as I have a creative thesis, I feel I am reaching the end of the IF research for my project. Between the major sources I have found, and some of the multi-paper collections and conference proceedings, I feel as though I have a pretty good handle on the critical history portion of my proposal. I will likely knock out a fair number of the annotated bibliography entries, of course, because my research is not done, however, I will be focusing more on quality than quantity in the sense that I will probably not be annotating articles that are not super-relatable to what I am doing. As such, expect the bibliographic annotation posts to slow down a bit. I will still be reading multiple things a week, but at this point, I’ve read enough of the research to know exactly what I need and would much rather focus on those texts that I find that directly relate to what I am doing, or do not regurgitate that which I’ve already come across. As fun as IF is you can only read to many discussions on canonicity without falling asleep a page or two in.

Of course, I bring all this up because I’ve neglected the horror angle of this project a bit because I had become mired in the minutia of IF. Expect some more horror-related topics soon. In particular, I want to write a little bit about those horror stories that are influencing my own stories.

So expect a couple of bibliographic annotations this week, but as there will be fewer of those, I hope the pendulum will swing in the other direction and we’ll get some more diverse blog entries going here.


Twine Gardening — Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling

I haven’t published much in Twine on IFDB, but I actually use it a great deal: it’s become a prototyping tool of first resort for a wide range of professional projects, the format in which I deliver content to be converted into some other final presentation. A not-trivial amount of pro-level game story prototyping happens in […]

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Writing Interactive Fiction With Twine (Melissa Ford) — Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling

A curious and fascinating thing about Melissa Ford’s Writing Interactive Fiction with Twine is how it combines hypertext craft advice and Twine syntax tutorials with design expectations largely derived from parser-based interactive fiction. This is a 400 page book about Twine fiction whose index lists Anna Anthropy once (in a passage discussing how she did geographical description in one of her games) and Porpentine never […]

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Podcast Delay

It seems that the first attempt of the podcast, as mediocre as it was, is all I have to show of the podcast for the immediate future. My attempts to record a second episode have been met with a variety of technical issues that have left me increasingly frustrated. Basically, I seem to have an issue where as I record only the last 30 seconds or so of the recording actually end up recorded, and anything up to that last 30 seconds is nothing but white noise. As you would expect, it is very frustrating, particularly when you have been talking about a topic for the past five minutes. I will give recording another shot this weekend, however. Just to see if I can make that work.

I apologize for the delay on the podcast. I am desperately hoping to make it a regular feature of the blog as I have a ton I could talk about. More than likely the episodes are going to be choppy as I’ll need to composite a series of smaller, recorded segments, but that all depends on if my technology will cooperate with me.