Long time no ticky-type-type

It’s been a little slow at The Weekly Thesis for the past couple of weeks. It is not because I am not working, because I am, but rather the nature of the work being done is lengthy and not worth discussing in great detail.

I’m stuck annotating the same (goddamn) book. The book is great, don’t get me wrong; Felicitas Meifert-Menhard’s Playing the Text, Performing the Future: Future Narratives in Print and Digiture. is basically becoming a guiding text in my own exploration of IF. Great swaths of the text are useful for me and I am annotating all of the particularly useful sections for a deep dive further on. But even so, it am annotating a great number of chapters.

Keep in mind, an annotation is not just a summary. An annotation is about illustrating an understanding about the text you are interested in using in support of your own argument. Even though you need to understand and relay the point of the text, you must also show the intellectual footwork of connecting that text to your own claims. Annotations are two-fold; what the hell is this text saying, and more importantly, how is this relevant to me.

So, yeah, I do apologize that updates have sort of lapsed, but I plan on updating soon. Just wanted to keep y’all in the loop.

(Also, I plan on posting some of my personal work because I have a life outside this thesis project, believe it or not!)