Outlining the Proposal

I am still doing research based on that larger chapter-text where virtually every chapter feels relevant to what I am writing. That being said, I outlined July as my month to get started on my proposal so I can be prepared toward the end of August to present it to my chair. So… yeah, I did a very loose outline of my proposal today. Before I dive into that, however, I’d like to share my notes on writing a proposal from a thesis workshop thrown by the Literature and Writing Studies department. Once done with that, I’ll go into a little more detail about the proposal itself.

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The Reading List

I’ve been working on the annotated bibliography of a variety of journal articles for the “theory” component of my thesis and proposal, but what of stylistic influences? Today I’d like to share a list of media that is influential to me and that I will be exploring in depth to make my own horror writing for the visual novel all the stronger. I am just going to do a cursory overview with this post, but I will also do in depth posts about the following items as well. I plan on adding this post to the menu of the site, so I will also include links to the blog entries where I talk about the specific works on this list. As such, this post will be revised significantly over the coming months.

I am always on the lookout for more material to read or view, so if you have a suggestions please comment on this post. I feel all of these works I have included have the air of cosmicism that I am interested in pursuing regarding my visual novel. While my primary themes will deal with cosmicism, I am intensely interested in hauntings, so there are ghost stories present as well.

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