Long time no ticky-type-type

It’s been a little slow at The Weekly Thesis for the past couple of weeks. It is not because I am not working, because I am, but rather the nature of the work being done is lengthy and not worth discussing in great detail.

I’m stuck annotating the same (goddamn) book. The book is great, don’t get me wrong; Felicitas Meifert-Menhard’s Playing the Text, Performing the Future: Future Narratives in Print and Digiture. is basically becoming a guiding text in my own exploration of IF. Great swaths of the text are useful for me and I am annotating all of the particularly useful sections for a deep dive further on. But even so, it am annotating a great number of chapters.

Keep in mind, an annotation is not just a summary. An annotation is about illustrating an understanding about the text you are interested in using in support of your own argument. Even though you need to understand and relay the point of the text, you must also show the intellectual footwork of connecting that text to your own claims. Annotations are two-fold; what the hell is this text saying, and more importantly, how is this relevant to me.

So, yeah, I do apologize that updates have sort of lapsed, but I plan on updating soon. Just wanted to keep y’all in the loop.

(Also, I plan on posting some of my personal work because I have a life outside this thesis project, believe it or not!)


Burnout is real

Having stared at my annotation document and the entire book I need to annotate, I have determined the burnout is a real thing to worry about. Most of these annotations have been essays in collections, or individual database articles, however right now I am staring at an entire ebook full of useful information; information I need to break down and annotate.

Only I just don’t feel like it. I’m tired. I feel myself wanting to sleep. I can’t seem to distract myself with my actual job as a tutor either, as tutoring slows down during the summer. Maybe it is coming down from the wonderful birthday evening I spent with my girlfriend who turned 28. Maybe it’s all the progress from my other creative projects that has me riding on a bubble of distracted excitement.

It feels like a low point right now because I want to do this research and I just can’t seem to get it going.

Burnout is real, folks. I am taking my time with this ebook today, we’ll see how it goes.

Guess who’s back?

It’s been over a week since I last posted anything because I decided to take a break and recharge the batteries. I am now sitting here with a sunburn and wrestling with some thoughts regarding my research.

At this point, as I have a creative thesis, I feel I am reaching the end of the IF research for my project. Between the major sources I have found, and some of the multi-paper collections and conference proceedings, I feel as though I have a pretty good handle on the critical history portion of my proposal. I will likely knock out a fair number of the annotated bibliography entries, of course, because my research is not done, however, I will be focusing more on quality than quantity in the sense that I will probably not be annotating articles that are not super-relatable to what I am doing. As such, expect the bibliographic annotation posts to slow down a bit. I will still be reading multiple things a week, but at this point, I’ve read enough of the research to know exactly what I need and would much rather focus on those texts that I find that directly relate to what I am doing, or do not regurgitate that which I’ve already come across. As fun as IF is you can only read to many discussions on canonicity without falling asleep a page or two in.

Of course, I bring all this up because I’ve neglected the horror angle of this project a bit because I had become mired in the minutia of IF. Expect some more horror-related topics soon. In particular, I want to write a little bit about those horror stories that are influencing my own stories.

So expect a couple of bibliographic annotations this week, but as there will be fewer of those, I hope the pendulum will swing in the other direction and we’ll get some more diverse blog entries going here.

What scares you most?

Before I do a dive into research next week, I would like to know… what scares you most?

I mostly mean what media has scared you the most? What is the most frightening film you’ve seen recently? What books have you read that have made you sleep fitfully in the weeks after reading them? What videogames have you played that have made you throw your controller in shock and fear?

What media has scared you? I am looking for some research material. What sort of scary experiences have you encountered that have sunsettled you?

Week Zero: Update #1

I told myself I was going to get started on my research next week. I made a huge deal about taking some time for myself this week. It turns out I am incapable of getting started later when I can get started now. As I stare at my research log on my Google Drive folder labelled “thesis,” I notice that I am seventy four items deep. I had intended to do my research next week from the comfort of my home, but I found that a couple slow days at work have given me an opportunity to trudge through some databases and Google searches to start putting  some potential readings together for the coming weeks.

Lo and behold, I now have seventy-plus things that I can start working on next week. That gives me a pretty good head start, and I found several commonalities between sources as I moved from article to article. I’ll talk a little bit more about these things at another time as they are quite deserving of their own discussions.

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