Annotated Bibliography #8

Just the one today, but it makes for five total this week.

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The Reading List

I’ve been working on the annotated bibliography of a variety of journal articles for the “theory” component of my thesis and proposal, but what of stylistic influences? Today I’d like to share a list of media that is influential to me and that I will be exploring in depth to make my own horror writing for the visual novel all the stronger. I am just going to do a cursory overview with this post, but I will also do in depth posts about the following items as well. I plan on adding this post to the menu of the site, so I will also include links to the blog entries where I talk about the specific works on this list. As such, this post will be revised significantly over the coming months.

I am always on the lookout for more material to read or view, so if you have a suggestions please comment on this post. I feel all of these works I have included have the air of cosmicism that I am interested in pursuing regarding my visual novel. While my primary themes will deal with cosmicism, I am intensely interested in hauntings, so there are ghost stories present as well.

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What scares you most?

Before I do a dive into research next week, I would like to know… what scares you most?

I mostly mean what media has scared you the most? What is the most frightening film you’ve seen recently? What books have you read that have made you sleep fitfully in the weeks after reading them? What videogames have you played that have made you throw your controller in shock and fear?

What media has scared you? I am looking for some research material. What sort of scary experiences have you encountered that have sunsettled you?